Our History

Background to the group

chequeWarsop Infotech Group was founded in 1994 by a small group of people who were taking part in a short course run by the WEA at Warsop Town Hall. The group had a common interest in progressing their training further and they sought to bring follow-on courses into the Town Hall. They were successful in a bid to get Nottingham University to run a distance learning pilot project in word processing. The University loaned three computers and a printer to the group, who worked on a rota system to carry out their training.

This success spurred the group on to meet regularly to plan future courses and they formally constituted in 1995. As more people joined the group it demonstrated the need for locally based training facilities in Warsop, so campaigning for equipment and identifying suitable training schemes has been an important part of the group's activities.

From this small start, resources were gradually built up with help and grants from locally based organisations (Nottinghamshire County Council, Warsop Parish Council, North Notts TEC and the Rural Community Council). West Nottinghamshire College and the W.E.A have provided a wide range of courses. All the organisations have been very supportive of training initiatives at Warsop Town Hall, providing the local community with access to a wide range of computing qualifications.


The group received a tremendous boost by being awarded a grant from the National Lottery Charities Board. This enabled the training room at the Town Hall to be equipped with modern equipment running the latest software and a resource centre of training materials available to members.


The group was successful in gaining a grant of more than £84,000, awarded as part of the Government's "UK Online" initiative. Therefore we are now known as a "UK Online Centre" with access to the internet and online learning available to the community. This funding also enabled us to appoint a Learner Support and Resource Worker who supported members at drop-in sessions and enrolled and supported students who signed up for Learn Direct courses. This funding finished in May 2004.

2004 April

The group was successful in gaining a grant from the local Neighbourhood Renewal Fund and completely updated the I.T. suite with new computers and TFT monitors. Further equipment was purchased at this time to allow us to move into digital video editing. Disability access has been improved with a range of equipment and software. A new Thursday evening drop-in session was also started.


The group continued to develop and by 2006 had 32 networked computers spread across three training areas, several laptops, digital stills and video cameras and was becoming known for its film production work, digital video training courses and extensive Family History resources and training. We started an additional Monday evening drop-in session. A single non-I.T. Spanish course was also started by one of our members.

2008 November

With assistance of funding from local organisations the second I.T. suite was equipped with 8 large screen/keyboard laptop computers.

2010 April

With assistance from local organisations we were able to purchase 5, Windows 7 Laptops and 3, Windows 7 desktop computers.

2011 May

Funding was received from UK-Online to purchase a Projector and boom for the main I.T. suite and 2 more Windows 7 computers which has proved a big hit with our users.

2012 March

Funding received from Bt Community Connection Scheme, free internet for 12 months helping Infotech to provide faster broadband speeds and accessibility to more users of our facility.

2012 June

Funding of £23,235.00 was received through the Microsoft Donation Scheme, licences for 40 PC's and laptops for Office 2010 and License for server 2003 software.

2013 April

Old lath and plaster ceiling and top section of walls, in the main I.T.suite were replaced due to severe cracking and water ingress. Whilst carrying out this vital work it was found that the roof needed replacing & thankfully Warsop Parish Council paid for this work to be carried out and we are now water tight and also have insulation in the roof - of which was not there originally, part way to making the building more energy efficient.

2013 April

£500 Funding was received from Meden Vale Charity Shop towards the cost of replacing computer workstations in the main I.T. suite.

2013 May

£500 Received from Big Warsop to fund some of the cost for replacing the computer workstations in Main I.T. Suite. The workstations were raised in height so that they can easily accomodate anyone with disabilities, who uses a wheelchair.

2013 December

£200 received from Councillors John Kerr & Peter Crawford towards new blackout blinds for the main I.T. suite.

2014 May 

£5076.00 Recieved from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to purchase 4 new windows 7 Desktop PC's, also Server 2008 & software. In addition to this we were able to purchase Adobe web & design CS6.

2015 May

Event to launch the new website and show new computers in the I.T. suite and our other training rooms throughout the ground floor. 


More here when dates/info confirmed for 2016.

2017 May

£280 was received from Big Warsop towards the cost of 3 new HP Windows 10 Pro laptops purchased. These are to replace some of our older one's which were out of service, due to faulty motherboards & found to be no longer economical to repair. Hopefully when more funds are available - we will be able to replace the rest of our laptops with Windows 10 operating system.

 We continue to look for new funding opportunities and new ideas for training to provide in our suite. As the group has developed there have been big changes, but we do hope to keep the friendly and helpful spirit of the Infotech drop-in sessions, where members are always willing to share their knowledge and help each other.