For Sale/Re-Sale

This is where we will advertise items that we have for Sale/Re-Sale: 


4GB USB Flash Drive:                                            £3.60 Each
16GB USB Flash Drive:                                          £7.50 Each
32GB Kingston USB Flash Drive:                         £9.50 Each    
64GB USB Flash Drive:                                        £15.00 Each
DVD of Warsop 1958 - 2007:                                £3.50 Each
UTG USB Adaptor to fit Samsung Tablets:       £4.00 Each
Stylus pen for Tablet/Mobile Phone etc:           £1.00 Each

 6 Tin pop list

All proceeds going to the Warsop Infotech Group, to enable them to continue to provide support to the local residents of Warsop, Warsop Parish & surrounding areas.