For Sale/Re-Sale


This is where we will advertise items that we have for Sale/Re-Sale: 


4GB USB Flash Drive:                                            £4.70 Each
8GB USB Flash Drive:                                            £5.35 Each
16GB USB Flash Drive:                                          £7.50 Each
32GB Kingston USB Flash Drive:                         £9.50 Each    
64GB USB Flash Drive:                                        £12.00 Each (Members only special price) £15.00 Normal price (Non members of Warsop Infotech Group)
DVD of Warsop 1958 - 2007:                                £3.50 Each
DVD Clear Plastic Sleeves                                     £0.10 Each
UTG USB Adaptor to fit Samsung Tablets:       £4.00 Each
Stylus pen for Tablet/Mobile Phone etc:           £1.00 Each

March 2019 - pop for sale - 40p

Tea or Coffee & a Biscuit = 40P
Warsop Infotech Group annual membership £15:00 from 01/01/2019
This equates to just 0.29p per week.

All proceeds going to the Warsop Infotech Group, to enable them to continue to provide support to the local residents of Warsop, Warsop Parish & surrounding areas.