Useful Links

Links that you may find useful:

Crucial System Scanner Mr Memory System Scanner
Any Video Convertor (AVC) Jpeg to Word Converter (Free to Use)
Find A CEO Email Address I.P.Address Search                                
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Lists Windows7 upgrade advisor                  
Seagate Disc wizard (H/Drive Clone Tool) Seagate Disc Wizard (YouTube Video)
Word Viewer (2007) Seagate Disc Check Tool
PowerPoint Viewer (2007) Microsoft Download Centre
Is That Web Site Safe (Norton) Password Generator (Norton)
Inkscape (Free Vector Draw Tool)        Gimp (Free Photo Editing Tool)                    
BeFunky (Free on-line Photo Editing Tool) Pixlr (Free on-line Photo Editing Tool)          
Vintager (via Major Geeks) Photo Edit Tool Magix (Free Photo Editing Tool)
Black and White to Colour Image Changer Colourize black and white image - Coloriage (Blk&White 2 Colour)
Van Gogh Museum   
Aero Clock (windows) Gadgets (Windows 7 gadgets on Windows10)